Hospitality Skills=Life Skills Programme


In January 2012, BHI implemented a Hospitality Programme in the Primary Schools (P4 and P6) and Middle Schools (M2). The purpose is to demonstrate the importance of being hospitable as a life skill and to raise the level of awareness of the Hospitality industry as a viable career choice.


  • Provide practical lessons on the act of hospitality
  • Provide an understanding of the Hospitality Industry & explain the importance of the Hospitality Industry to Bermuda
  • Enable students to make rational & informed decisions when considering Hospitality as a career opportunity
  • Reinforce the Social Studies/Business Studies curriculum.

Lesson Topics

  • Bermuda Pride, Tourism & Hospitality
  • True Bermudian Hospitality
  • Service & Ethics
  • Hospitality Careers

EDUCATORS – if you would like this programme to be implemented in your school, complete our online form today.

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS – if you would like to volunteer to facilitate this program in the schools, sign up today.

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