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  • The BHI Blitz: Edmund Smith


    Executive Chef Edmund Smith of Ascots.

    Executive Chef Edmund Smith of Ascots.


    Ascots’ Executive Chef Edmund Smith holds bragging rights as the only chef on the island who’s taken part in Bermuda Hospitality Institute’s Plates of Passion event four years straight.

    He was invited the first time around by BHI’s former executive director Karla Lacey Minors, who happened to be a long-time friend.

    “At the time I was head of the Chef’s Association of Bermuda and at that point [Karla] wanted us to partner,” Mr Smith said.

    “The idea was to have ten top chefs on the island and give them all the same basic ingredient, for instance duck. They would work with local culinary arts students to interpret the dish their way and it would create conversation around the table for the guests and the creativity of the chefs and the students would be sparked as well.

    “That’s how the relationship began four years ago. Next year will be my fifth time taking part in BHI’s event.”


  • The BHI Blitz: Douglas Sisk

    The Reefs' Executive Chef Douglas Sisk

    The Reefs’ Executive Chef Douglas Sisk


    Executive Chef Douglas Sisk, of The Reefs, had many mentors early on in his culinary career.

    These days he’s more focused on paying it forward and training the next generation of up and coming chefs.

    One way he’s able to do that is through Bermuda Hospitality Institute’s culinary events.

    Mr Sisk not only helped prepare the 2014 winner of BHI’s Rising Chef of the Year Competition, David Ndungi, for his moment in the spotlight; he’s also given his time over the last two years to helping young Bermudian culinary arts students in the annual Plates of Passion event. (more…)

  • Do you have what it takes in the kitchen?

    August 9, 2016

    Professional chefs are being urged to show off their skills by competing in the fifth annual Rising Chef of the Year competition and fundraiser.

    Twelve rising chefs, aged 18 and older, will be selected to compete in the event, which will be held at International Imports from October 13 to October 21.


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