• What kinds of jobs are available in Bermuda’s hospitality industry?

    The hospitality industry is extremely diverse. It encompasses many different types of businesses and therefore offers a huge variety of jobs. Below are examples of different types of businesses that, each within their different areas, offer a multitude of employment opportunities: Water sports, Entertainment, Restaurants, Events, Tours, Retail, Travel agencies, Transportation, Hotels and Guest Accommodation, Marketing and Promotion.

  • Does Bermuda’s hospitality industry have a future?

    The industry employs more people than any other industry in Bermuda. Although tourism has been in decline, the industry still generates many hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and is a vitally important part of Bermuda’s economy. Despite being the largest employer, the industry still needs a stronger sense of Bermudian hospitality in certain sectors.

  • What are the challenges facing the hospitality industry?

    The major challenges to Bermuda tourism and hospitality are: the global recession, keeping competitive in an ever expanding and changing global market and the need for a stronger sense of Bermudian hospitality in certain sectors.

  • Who works in hospitality?

    The wonderful thing about the hospitality industry is that it provides so many different employment opportunities for so many different kinds of people. For example: graduates fresh from college with degrees, graduates from high school that would prefer on-the-job-training, people from the established workforce looking to change their career, or people looking for a second job and retirees looking to extend their working life.

  • Why should I consider hospitality?

    The hospitality industry is unique in having an appreciation for varying skills, talents, experiences and qualifications. Unlike other industry sectors, hospitality gives people the opportunities to grow and develop in many different ways, including financially. In fact, this is the only industry where you can continue to increase your earning power exponentially as there are so many opportunities to change and move within it. But most importantly, hospitality wants you for who you are – not just for what you can do!

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