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The Bermuda Hospitality Institute

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute (BHI) is a non-profit organization charged with encouraging the development, growth and sustainability of Bermudians in the hospitality industry

The Goal:

To encourage young Bermudians to pursue hospitality as a career while simultaneously encouraging the current workforce of the merits of rejoining the Hospitality industry or considering the field as a second career choice.

Formed in April 2010, BHI is committed to restoring confidence in the hospitality industry as a viable source of career and income opportunities for Bermudians. Our goal is to attract and retain Bermudians at all levels of the industry through education, training and awareness programmes, and to provide current members with relevant data and research, supportive tools and resources on which to plan future workforce development needs.

BHI was created to be a private sector/public sector partnership through which the Hospitality industry and the community at large connect. To this end, BHI funds its educational programs, and promotional and outreach events, through grants, membership fees, and fees for services.

By making the most of community-wide partnerships, BHI works to ensure that the future of Bermuda’s hospitality industry reflects the best of Bermuda and its people.

The Vision:

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute will be the leading education and professional development resource for Bermudians interested in pursuing hospitality as a career, while ushering in a new era of development, growth and promotion for Bermudians already in the industry.

The Mission:

We will inspire and empower Bermudians to pursue hospitality as a career and build strategic collaborations and partnerships that will harness the passion of those interested, and prepare them to be vibrant hospitality professionals.

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